Monday, December 4, 2017

Newton’s laws of attraction #1 & 2 by M.J O’Shea

 #1 Newton’s laws of attraction
Publication: ebook
No. of pages: 176

Rory was Ben’s best friend ever since Rory moved into the same neighborhood when they were kids. As they grew up into teenagers, they started harboring feelings for each other. But their romance was short-lived because Ben chose his soccer team and varsity-jacket popularity over Rory. Eight years later, Ben is an out and proud Arts teacher at the same high school. The previous year’s Physics teacher has been replaced by a new transfer, who happens to be Rory. Ben realizes that his feelings for his childhood best friend have never gone away. He does everything he can to win Rory back. But maybe everything is not enough anymore.
This is a light read about two friends, one trying to make things right, the other drawing further away. I felt knots of emotions as I read it but sometimes it nearly touched the ground of cliché a.k.a closeted jock breaking the heart of his science geek boyfriend. But it saves us from the usual swivel of the teenage minds and takes us to adult versions of Ben and Rory. It doesn’t provoke meaningful thoughts as in it’s not classic or a harrowing memoir *cough, Boy Erased, cough* but it has a place in my Goodreads Favorite list for its compelling romance in an amusing and entertaining way.  

#2 Impractical Magic
Publication: Ebook
No. of pages: 206

This is a sequel to ‘Newton’s laws of attraction’ but not in the truest sense. It can be read as a stand-alone novel. However, I’d recommend you to first read the previous entry because Ben and Rory have prominent parts in the story. This book is about adult Ben’s best friend Fen. (haha they rhyme) Fen is the Chemistry teacher. He has mostly been straight. Not really. But actually kind of. Yeah, no. He’s always liked to ogle at guys at the Sugarshacks. But his friends thought he went to the bar as a joke. He thought so too, until the hot firefighter Kevin turns up in town that is. The problem is Kevin is here only for the summer. So Fen really shouldn’t be developing feelings for his summer fling. But who can blame him. I mean Kevin is haut.
This book isn’t as compelling as the first one. It definitely has more steam but there aren’t sudden bumps along the road that give us those jolts of excitement. But it makes for a nice light-hearted read. I read it after I finished ‘Call me by your name’ because I didn’t want to jump to something heavier right after.
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