Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My 2018 Reading List

This year is coming to an end and let me just say that it has been a wonderful twelve months for me. I graduated from college and turned twenty-freaking-two. I feel so ancient. Not really. Helps that I’m a petite. I can pretend to have found the fountain of youth. That way I can date younger guys. I’m kidding. I’m not a creep. Promise. Haha. In fact, some times this gets ridiculous, me ceaselessly looking like a teenager. (Puberty, why hast thou forsaken me?) Last time, a man who I thought was a teacher at RIM (he wasn’t) told me that when he saw me at the RCSE, he thought I was probably one of the invigilators’ daughter. Oh just because I was wearing a pair of really pink shoes because the only pair of really comfortable platform heels I owned broke a few days ago!
Anyway, I was going to say that I hadn’t been reading enough because of the whole final semester, graduation and RCSE business. I kind of knew this year would be busy so I’d only pledged to read a small number of books on Goodreads. I managed to finish 22 out of 20. Victory!
Right after the exam, I went home to Sarpang at my parents’ where I basically just lived off of pamper and high-speed wifi. It’s great being the younger sibling, Bhutanese and a serious case of homebody. In the little over a month of holiday I got before they announced the result, I caught up on my reading. I think I read around 17. I was literally living in my bed because after studying so hard in summer I needed that break, sniffing and making mom think I had cold. It’s probably the change of seasons, dad said.
The only times I think I got out of the house was when I went over at my uncle’s. One of my uncles’ family lives there as well and they wanted me to help the cousins who’re still in school prepare for their Finals. They’re all boys so it’s not like I could dazzle them with pretty outfits and glam into listening to me, like I seem to be able to do to my best friend’s baby sister LOL. Last winter she even got a bob cut because I was rocking a pixie cut then. Her own sister, my BFF dresses like a dude, cargo shorts and all, so it’s no wonder the kid looks elsewhere for inspiration. Is this what it feels like to have a baby sister who worships you? *longing sigh*
So there was only so much I could help these boys with. After TV time, I’d make them sit down at the table and study while I wrote something or read a book. One day I was scribbling on a sheet of paper when the youngest asked,
“Chungku, what are you doing?”
“Writing a story,” I answered.
“I want to write a story too,” he said.
“Do it after exam,” I told him. “Study now.”
He didn’t listen. “But I want to write now.”
Annoyed, I pulled out a paper. “Here, write then.”
I’m going to make a shitty mom, aren’t I? I guess I’ll just adopt gay kids who have been disowned. Not that that’s a thing in Bhutan. People here are generally very nice and family-oriented, albeit a bit prejudiced at times. The kid did end up writing a story about a yak that swallowed a fishbone though. It was a plagiarized version of the bird that swallowed a fishbone.  
Anyway, I’m hoping next year would have more free time in store for me because there are a handful of books I want to read. They’re all gay literature. I feel like I can’t call myself an obsessed fan-girl if I don’t read all the great books and classics in that genre.   
Here is the list:
1.     Boy Erased: A Memoir - Garrard Conley (This was difficult to read so I’ve left it halfway. I need to finish this when I’m in a happier mood)
2.     The center of the world – Andreas Steinhofel
3.     Prayers for Bobby – Leroy Aarons (I’ve been putting off reading this because I know it’ll break my heart. I watched the movie.)
4.     A single man – Christopher Isherwood
5.     The Persian Boy – Mary Renault
6.     At swim, Two boys – Jamie O’Neill
7.     Confessions of a mask – Yukio Mishima
8.     Just one starfish - Grasshopper
9.     Almost like being in love – Steve Kluger
10.  Dreamboy – Jim Grimsley
11.  Giovanni’s Room – James Baldwin
12.  Darkfall – Grasshopper
13.  Dancer from dance – Andrew Holleran
14.  A boy’s own story – Edmund White
15.  Rainbow boys – Alex Sanchez
16.  Dreamchasers - Grasshopper
17.  The man who fell in love with the moon – Tom Spanbauer
18.  Comfort and joy – Jim Grimsley
19.  Leave myself behind – Bart Yates
20.  Finding Zach – Rowen Speedwell
21.  Someday this pain will be useful to you – Peter Cameron
22.  Memorizing you – Dan Skinner
23.  A home at the end of the world – Michael Cunningham
24.  Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe – Benjamin Alire Saenz
25.  Boy meets boy – David Levithan
26.  History is all you left me – Adam Silvera
27.  One man guy – Michael Barakiva
28.  Drawn together – Z.A. Maxfield
29.  Loving Noah – Keena Knight
30.  Openly Straight – Bill Konigsberg

Don’t they sound delicious? I hope I get to read all of them by the end of next year.
What are you reading?

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  • Driftwood (by Cathy Cassidy)
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  • A monster calls
  • Brokeback Mountain