Thursday, October 19, 2017

Something like summer – a book and movie review

 “Sometimes you can’t tell your friends from your lovers.”
My best friend from college and I bonded over songs and movies. So every time we’re over at each other’s place, that’s about all we ever do; listen to songs and watch movies. Sometimes I try to set him up with people but that kid is so utterly impossible and exhausting. Anyway, last time we watched a nice movie called ‘Something like summer’ by Blue Seraph Productions (the makers of Judas Kiss) that was based on a book by Jay Bell of the same name. ‘Something like summer’ is the first entry in the ‘Something like…’ series. A few days later I read the book, and I think I found my 2017 favorite series.
Maybe it would be fun. The two greatest loves of my life together in one place. What could possibly go wrong, aside from everything?
In the first book, Benjamin Bentley is an openly-out gay high schooler in Texas. He is infatuated with the totally out-of-his-league handsome Tim Wyman who is a popular jock, has rich parents and owns a sports car. Typical, right? Not quite. When Ben discovers that Tim reciprocates his feelings, the hot Texas nights are no longer as lonely as they were when summer began. But often truths are not that simple; Tim is doubtful, deeply closeted, scared, and indecisive. Over the years after high school, Ben meets the charming Jace Holden who is the definition of ‘understanding boyfriend’, and Tim is only a ghost of a memory from his tumultuous teenage years. That is until Tim shows up in his life once again like a long lost summer – happy, bright and scorching.   
How did someone go about deliberately ending a friendship? Breaking up with a friend was more subtle and calculated. Were there any guidelines to be followed? Or did one friend simply stop calling the other and let the bond gradually deteriorate into nothing?
I’m currently reading the second book ‘Something like winter’, which is from Tim’s point of view. I was curious to find out what exactly had happened to him after high school until he meets Ben again in Austin some five years later. I saw some reviews on Goodreads that claimed Jay Bell was selling the same story in two books. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s thrilling to know Tim’s side of the story and connect the dots. I also read several reviews that said Jace was too perfect. Well, some people just are too perfect and nice and understanding. Not everyone’s an asshole.
The book is very well written, and easy to follow. No big words, no clichés, just bare beautiful lines flowing naturally and gripping at your heart. It’s the kind of book that’s instantly addictive, one I could happily skip meals for. It had my heart aching the whole time, unbelievably endearing things if not the occasional heartbreaks. I’d one-hundred percent recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good cry. In the end it left me feeling emotionally drained and thinking, but wanting more, like a dangerous, unsure, passion-induced relationship. I wish we could marry books. I’d be an indecisive little slut. LOL. (that was a weird analogy whatever…)
“So we’re married?”
“Simple as that?”
“Simple as that. Just a promise and nothing more.”
The movie though *sigh* is an entirely different story. The actors are so good looking (esp Davi Santos who plays Tim), and although it was a relatively low-budget movie, they did a pretty great job. They had to film some Chicago and Paris scenes in downtown Portland using green screens but that’s not a major issue. I’m re-watching the movie and enjoying every line that’s picked right off the book.
The movie has several songs in it because it’s a musical. I love the scene where Ben sings ‘Killing me softly with his song’ while Tim stares at him with a newfound awe. The rest of the songs were… well they could have been better. I’m not entirely sure if they’re original songs, but if they are, I’d have preferred to hear them sing songs that are already there. *cough Troye Sivan songs cough* But I LOVE the background soundtrack. I’m waiting for Blue Seraph Productions to upload it on their YouTube channel so I can listen to it on repeat because it just does things to my heart and makes me feel more…
After reading the book, I felt like they could have cast someone skinnier to play Benjamin. In the books, Ben has a skinny frame and narrow waist. Grant Davis has shoulders too broad to fit the book version of Benjamin.
Whatever the case, I can’t get over Davi Santos. I mean just look at that face!

                                        I died.
                                    Still dead.
                 Here, I put together a playlist for the story, says my ghost.

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