Saturday, May 13, 2017

The most embarrassing date happened today *Face palm*

I’ve had bad dates before, no biggie. But today’s was on an entirely different level of embarrassing. Remember the guy with mad hair and paint-spattered fingers from my last blog post? Well I think you kinda figured from there that we simply bonded over our very first conversation? Just like that. Yes, that sorta thing happens in real life. Crazy. So he’d asked me to coffee a few days later. I’d been like, “I was thinking along the same line. How does Saturday sound?” Obviously. Duh.
Look I was really excited okay. He seemed nice, mature, interesting and fun. And he paints. What more did I want! If I didn’t have a very long research report to turn in at the end of this week, I’d have been blissfully restless the whole time. So finally I was done with the paper (yay) and off I went to the art class. I was sure we had something there but I wasn’t entirely sure today was going to be a date date. Could very well have been a friendly hangout. I think he’s one of those overly sociable and forthcoming people. The kind who’s great with kids and greets everyone real loudly.    
We met today and I awkwardly greeted him (yes I can get silly around people, surprise surprise). I usually fold my arms when I’m feeling all weird and don’t know what to do. I was folding my arms a lot today. Thankfully my friends from the #BraveHearts class arrived and I went on to hang out with them. Today was like the first Saturday when we had a good sunshine so they were going to do the class outside at the Tarayana Park. Juust when I had worn the shortest skirt they had to decide to take the class outside. I mean I did have leggings on but still. I had to keep changing the pressure on my legs while pulling off a relaxed version of seiza sitting position. Soon it began to drizzle a little and I had to be all, “I think we should go inside before it starts pouring.” I was speaking for myself, really.
I managed to sit through two hours of class and also understand everything being taught. Then the class ended, and that’s when it’s chaos. I had absolutely no idea if he really meant it when he asked me to coffee. He may very well have forgotten for all I knew. I kept my calm and greeted two of my friends from college. They’re alumni now, Azhim Karzin and Tashi. They knew I was meeting him today. So then we got ogling the TWINZ exhibition pictures and taking photos. He thought I had changed my mind about going out with him after seeing me all engaged with the girls. I didn’t know that in the beginning. He just came to us all casual and went, “Okay so I’m leaving!”
Oh. My. God.
You should have totally seen my face.
The first thing on my mind? “What an asshole!”
It got even more awkward because the girls knew. Otherwise I could have just pretended like nothing happened and waved him goodbye or something. One look at my face and the girls knew they had to save me. So Azhim Karzin threw her arm around his shoulders and hinted like, “We were going on a date, remember?”
He just smiled. I wanted to die.
He said, “Okay I really have to go.”
Before I could stop myself I said, “We talked about going for coffee. You’re bailing on me.”
Real smooth, Kez. Real smooth. *face palm*
The worst thing? I think I got a little too loud and other people around us heard me. *double face palm*
What happened next is a little blurry. I was really embarrassed and mad at the same time so my legs simply took me out of the hall. By the time I was outside, my hands were fumbling inside my bag for the earphones. I plugged them in and kept on walking. I heard him loudly bid farewell to his friends and then came, “Hey wait up!”
Once he caught up with me, I turned around and confronted him. “You were going to bail on me. Explain.”
He laughed and said that he would never. He thought I’d made some last-minute plans with the girlfriends. I was relieved to know that but that did not make me feel any less embarrassed. We had a good laugh about it on the way to Coffee Culture but I am not quite sure I’ll be able to show my face at the VAST next Saturday.  

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