Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review of Monu Tamang’s ‘The Morning Sun’

 “The Morning Sun”, Monu Tamang’s third book is based on a true story. It is the life story of Sonam Yangki – her journey from being abandoned at birth to owning her own tourist lounge. When her grandmother takes Sonam in on a cold November night, the infant has no idea what lay ahead of her. She may as well have succumbed to the cold. However, Sonam is a brave girl who defies her fate and keeps fighting, living one day at a time, in a hope that tomorrow would bring a new light. Then again when the sun ultimately gets closer, it might scorch her with a bitter truth.   
It took me just over two hours to complete this book – it was definitely a page turner. I wanted to know what happened next. I knew it was non-fiction, and I’d seen Sonam Yangki with her little Golu at the launch party for the book. That only made me more curious.
The book shows that Monu Tamang has grown as a writer. This book was well written and well edited. So a brownie point. I’d recommend this book to any Bhutanese who wants a two-hour break from your daily schedule. And Monu, I can’t wait to see what you write next. Your skill is visibly getting more refined with every book.   

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  1. Salute you for sharing your views. Still to catch hold of this fish.


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