Saturday, May 6, 2017

Look who I met!

A day that kick-started with me and my roommate complaining about a quiz in the first hour ended with a broad smile and many stories. I got a signed catalog of the solo exhibition by Twinz at VAST, and made a new friend.
I was sitting in the Saturday art class I go to at VAST, listening to the master mentor Sir Rajesh talk about Proportion and Perspective. The class had been shifted to the main gallery today. So my attention was drawn towards the stunning paintings put up on the walls. They were from the twin artists’ solo exhibition, Warriors. Struggling between nodding enthusiastically at Sir Rajesh so he won’t get upset, and craning my neck around to check the paintings, I pretty much finished scrutinizing all the pictures I could see.
Beautiful is an understatement. Those artworks were incredible. I could stare at each for minutes and not get bored. The twins Tashi Dendup and Ugyen Samdrup had got the inspiration to paint this collection from Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s book ‘The sacred path of the warriors’. The book apparently says that when you meditate, you visualize yourself as a warrior fighting whatever obstacles you encounter in life. This art collection is a depiction of enduring strength of human spirit in battling daily struggles, thus the ancient Bhutanese warrior helmets the characters in the paintings wear. The collection consisted of real people such as The Gyaltsuen and Audery Hepburn, as well as imaginary characters.
The most interesting thing was that the twins were very much… twins. I, and I’m sure a lot of other people could simply not tell them apart. They wore exactly the same clothes, and did their hair in similar fashion, seemingly not a strand differently placed. There was no way we could have told them apart. I think this unity of spirits shows in their paintings, two sets of hands, and one soul drawing on one canvas. They were extraordinary and very much aesthetic.
One of them, I have absolutely no idea which one exactly, signed a catalog for me. He signed it “Twinz” so I guess it was both of them somehow. The exhibition is open till 14th of May. I strongly recommend anyone currently in Thimphu to go visit. It’s happening at VAST in the Tarayana Building, Lower Chubachu.
After I clicked pictures with the twin artists and feasted my eyes enough on their visually remarkable paintings, I hung out a little with Azhim Karzin, an RTC graduate who volunteers at the studio. That’s when I met Wang.
He is this handsome tanned guy with dreadlocks and paint-spattered fingers who voluntarily teaches the kids at the studio. I’d seen him around during my first classes but he seemed quite intimidating with the dreadlocks and all so I hadn’t bothered to even say hi. As it turns out, he’s a very friendly person. He was playing around with Azhim Karzin when he saw me approaching and commented,
“You look very… animetic.”
I asked him what that meant.
“Like a 3D anime character,” he explained.
He barely knew me! I sighed and told them that I got this a lot. As a teenager, I was all about appearing like an anime girl. But now that I’m 21, maayybee not so much.
“Do people call you K.C?” he asked after I told him my name.
“Kez,” I answered. “That’s what they call me. What’s your name?”
“Wang,” he said.
I thought he was messing with me until I asked to check his sketch books out and was flipping through them and saw the pages signed “Wang”.
“Don’t worry about accuracy,” he told me as I gazed at his sketch books in awe, and said that I wished I was just as good. “Just get the frames right and enjoy drawing every line.”
I nodded.
The problem is, I can’t even get the frames right!  

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