Sunday, May 14, 2017

How accurate are my zodiac predictions?

 “Leo is a dramatic sign with some fundamental contrasts. Overall they are straightforward and highly predictable once understood.”
How far do you believe in horoscopes and sun sign clairvoyance? In a technologically sophisticated and science driven global society, probably not so much. I remember that as a teenager I used to check yearly horoscopes every new-year. I had high faith in them because most of the predictions came true. Somewhat. But after some time I just drifted away from the ethereal prophecizing and started taking matters into my own hands, although sometimes I will flip through a random newspaper and read the zodiac column. So I can’t vouch for the predictions, but I have found that the personalities based on different sun signs are usually quite accurate. Of course factors such as up-bringing, and the environment in which you live, shape who you are as a person therefore I do not speak for everyone.
Anyway, I’m a Leo, and here’s me trying to decide how far the Leo character traits really define me. 
“On the surface Leos are one of the most confident and aggressive signs. Fearless, charismatic and powerful.”
Note ‘on the surface’. So that should be true. I can come off as an overly confident person who can strut through a crowd of men without blinking an eye. I can seem to be the one in charge and can get aggressive if made to feel insecure and disrespected.
I don’t know about charismatic because I have never been the leader-person, not in school and college anyway. I’m too lazy for that job. Faithfully attending some extremely boring meetings where you hardly do anything creative, the added pressure of appearing exemplary, handling all the hate if you’re an ass leader, handing in this form and fetching that file, and dealing with the administrations? No, thank you. But fearless? Tots. So people who don’t know me as well as a few do might paint an image of a fierce and brave person. But deep inside,
“Most Leos are inwardly sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt.”
That comes as an added bonus with being emotion-packed. I mean just look at me getting all embarrassed and angry when a guy nearly ditches me in front of people. xD
If I consider someone important to me and they do something shitty (no matter how subtle) to me, I will keep thinking about it for days. And eventually start disliking them. Okay I’m joking about the later part because,
“Mean and cruel acts are beneath them. They forgive easily and generally don't hold a grudge.”
I think this one has more to do with being an absent minded daydreamer. I simply forget I’m mad at some people. Holding a grudge has always been a challenge. Unless someone has hurt my feelings beyond repair, and made me feel utterly insulted and deeply wounded my high self-respect, and I had absolutely no fault in all this. Twenty years from now when we’re all wrinkly, and have children who go to middle school I will see their face from across the street and remember.
“They're known for being dignified, playful, ambitious and loyal.”
Check, check, check and check. But I’m not dignified in the shallow everyone-is-beneath-me sort of way. I just have very high standards and will not settle for anything less.
“She always has more goals than she is getting ready to conquer.”
Ambitious, yes. Passionate, double yes.
“Leo women have a desire to be the best.”
If I love doing a particular thing, I will strive to give my everything. No divided energy. I want to be good, in fact the best, at what I do. I guess I’m competitive in that sense. But I’m not creepy obsessed with being number one. I don’t settle for average is all.
“If they are in love, the whole world will know.”
I laugh every time I read this because of how true it is. I suck at hiding emotions as much as I suck at getting drunk. The last time I was in love was in my first semester. My ACS teacher tots figured out. I used to help him set up the projector and carry the laptop back to the faculty block etc. So one day on the way to the faculty block after a class he out of nowhere asked, “Kezang, are you in love? You looked different in the class.” What did I tell you about the inability to contain myself?
“They can often be self-absorbed.”
The very fact that this blog post is exclusively about myself speaks for itself. This one is pretty self-explanatory, really. xD
“They have a flair for the dramatic and often enjoy being the center of attention.”
Dramatic? Check. Sucker for attention? Being Leo I think we are quite superficial in that sense. But I’d want to be so good at what I do. I’d want to be worthy of the attention. Otherwise I’d just be very embarrassed.
“On the negative side, they can be quite egotistical, demanding, intolerant, domineering, lazy and stubborn.”
I think that depends on how you define ‘egotistical’. I’m not annoyingly self-righteous imposing my ideas of what is right and wrong on other people. So in that way, intolerant would be incorrect. I’m tolerant of diverse ideas and concepts. You don’t have to understand and agree to be non-judgmental. You can have not a clue why some people have more than one wife/husband and still not discriminate them. Domineering and demanding? Yeah okay sometimes. Make that often. Lazy and stubborn? Caps Lock YES.  

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  1. Was a great read! I had a more than few hearty laugh. 😂😂😂


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