Sunday, March 19, 2017

Earn brownie points by reading

When was the last time you read a book? Or an elaborate news article? Does your reading world revolve only around Instagram captions, tweets and Facebook posts? Did you know that researches have shown reading can possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and do so much more even?

One. Being a keen reader means you are a curious learner. Learning can broaden your horizon of knowledge and enhance your analytical skills. You will know beyond discourses surrounding you. Bottom line: It helps cultivate a relatively expansive perspective.  

Two. Hey it’s a cool hobby! No arguing there, because seriously what activity that engages your brain and makes you smart isn’t cool?

Three. It makes you smart. What’s new? Also, it improves your memory. While reading, you have to remember a jumble of scenes from diverse time and space, places, characters and their hobbies, goals, dreams, dislikes etc. Reading does to the mind what exercise does to the body. Indeed.

Four. You become the easiest person to appease with a gift.

Five. You won’t have to pretend to know slangs like Erudite, Ravenclaw and NewSpeak because you would really know them!

 Six. It expands you vocabulary. Having a big bank of words can make you eloquent and assertive. You can find the best words to express your ideas and feelings.

Seven. It ignites your imagination. Reading a book transports you from a mundane life to an entirely different world. It engages your creative mind and prompts you to activate your aesthetic side.  

Eight. You can participate in intellectual conversations. If someone’s talking about dystopia, be the smarty you are and quote George Orwell.

Nine. You complain less about long waits. Stuck in a long queue? Read a book. Waiting for the city bus to arrive? Read a book. Your date is late? You guessed it! Read a book.

Ten. The universe is endless. It is impossible to learn everything about it. But the more you read, the deeper your understanding about things become.

Eleven. You totally know what happens in the blockbusters even before the movies come out. Spoiler alert (!): Tris gets shot. Whoops.

Twelve. Learning is inherently a beauty. By deepening your knowledge, you open yourself to new opportunities. It hones your skills and broadens your mental outlook.  

Reading gradually makes you tolerant and more accepting of things that don’t necessarily seem normal. Read. It’s worth it.

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