Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cat & Art Series

Dearest Cat,

As you turn twenty today, let me remind you what a miracle you truly are. I could have called, but recently following a few embarrassing experiences, I have come to realize that I am a better writer than a speaker. I seem to blurt out rubbish when actually I want to say something else entirely. That is why I am writing you this letter. Oh I’m such a classic!

I really can’t tell how much you amaze me, Cat! You are so very different, in the best possible ways. You are like no other girl I have ever come across. All those years trying to paint an ideal person for me and here you are, breathing, alive, very much real. What did I ever do to deserve your friendship?

Sometimes I wonder, do your other friends also realize how lucky they are to have you? Or is it just me because you and I click as well as we do? I think about you, Cat, perhaps more often than I should. I think about what our lives would be like a decade later. Would we have found love?

I think I’d still remain confused and absolutely clueless about what I really what. Or maybe still be running from it. You may have met someone. I think that would be lovely. I hope that someone know what they’re doing and don’t end up breaking your heart like I did. More than once.

I was unsure, Cat, forgive me. I did not want commitments, promises I knew I couldn’t keep, labels and naming the bond. What good have they done to me so far?

There are people in our lives whose existence are so tightly intertwined with ours we can’t quite live without them. What you and I have is something like this, at least to me, and I hope to you too. So don’t leave me, Cat, okay? I don’t want us to be friends who move to different places and lose contact and don’t know what’s going on with each other and when they finally meet again, they have to begin at square one. I want us to be different. I want us to be forever.

I can be myself around you. I can be the dependent, bizarre, selfish me without getting judged. You’d still like me. I hope you can be yourself around me. I think I wouldn’t worry too much about it. You’re quite honest about yourself, and other things, sometimes to a fault. That’s one of the many things I admire about you, Cat. You are beautiful, bold and daring.

Last but not the least, thank you for coming in my life. I think you’re staying for a long time. Happy birthday, dear friend. I am so beyond proud of you. Always know that I love you, no matter what.

Yours truly,

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It's one of those hot, sky-blue days that taste of vanilla ice cream and summer and future, when your heart beats faster for no apparent reason, and when you're prepared to swear any oath that friendships never end.

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