Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Moss and Heron - [boyXboy]

“He’s sulking,” Heron’s mom said, and jerked a sticky thumb behind her. “In his room.” 

She must have only just got back from office, Moss thought. She was in her lilac checkered kira and her long black hair was hauled up in a bun. She was so pale it made the soft brown freckles on her cheeks stick out contrastingly.   

“Looks like he had a kicking afternoon,” Moss said, unable to disguise a gleeful grin. 

“Go and check on him, hey?” she wriggled her fingers, gooey with flour and egg. “I’m baking cookies.”

“Chocolate chip?” 


She went back to the kitchen while Moss made for his best friend’s room. It was locked from inside. He knocked, and was answered by silence. He patiently waited; lightly tapping the sole of his studded high-top on the floor. He played with the zipper of his cropped jacket, and then pushed the rim of his snap-back cap behind his head.

When the door still did not budge, he said, “It’s me, Heron. Come on, let me in.”

A few seconds later, there was a faint clicking sound at the door. He slowly pushed it open. Heron had his back turned on him. He was walking back to his computer, shoulders sagging. He sat down on the chair and hit the keyboard, killing virtual zombies. 

His room was in a clutter. There were Manga books strewn on the bed and crushed cans and crisp packets lying on the floor. Moss pulled the other chair, turned it around and flung astride it. He leaned his arms on the back of the chair and watched Heron fire a series of bullets at the zombies. “Are you even going to talk to me?” He sighed after a while. 

Heron sighed, rose from the chair, dragged himself to the bed and crashed down on it. He buried his face in the pillow and moaned. “I messed it up!” he said. 

Moss flopped down beside him. “Yeah?” There was a slight tone of amusement in his voice. 

Heron sat up and glared down at him. “Not hilarious.” He yanked the snap-back cap off his head and tossed it on the floor. 

Moss bit his lip to keep from laughing. “So what exactly happened? How did the date go?” 

“Disaster,” Heron answered. “We were talking and it was pretty good until she suddenly grabbed my collar and kissed me.”

“Did you kiss her back?”

A tint of scarlet coloured his face. “I was stunned.” He dragged a hand over his face and groaned remorsefully. 

“So you didn’t kiss her back,” said Moss matter-of-factly. “I can imagine the disappointment. No wonder she took off.”

“How did you know she left?” 

Moss rolled his eyes. “Duh.”

Heron suddenly grabbed his wrists and pinned them down on the bed. “Don’t you duh at me.” He was grinning down at him. His blue eyes shinned with a glint of mischief. A bolt of electricity surged through Moss, the hard edge of a Manga book digging into his back. Heron’s floppy hair fell loosely on his eyes which he flicked back up with an absentminded shake of his head. 

“Yuuch!” Moss grappled with him and broke free from the grip. “Like I’d want to kiss you.” His heart was pounding in his chest, and he turned away to hide his flushed face. 

Heron cackled. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I don’t kiss boys.”

You don't kiss girls either. 

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