Friday, January 29, 2016

boyXboy - [He lied]

The bathroom door slid open and Kyl stepped out, wiping his hands dry on a flannel shirt. A tiny cord of irritation tugged at his heart as he remembered repeatedly telling Kino not to take the hand towel out. Shaking his head like a dog bristling, he managed to whip out most of the water from his hair. But the wet locks of russet hair still clung to the hollow of his temples. He crossed towards the window and looked out. The sky had turned grey, tinted bright pink by the setting sun. Below, the city smoldered a mixture of neon as usual, the low drone of traffic travelling as far up as the hill, on which his parent’s house perched. His parents were on a vacation – more like a pilgrimage – to Lahore. So he’d asked Kino to move in with him until they returned.  

Suddenly a pair of arms embraced him from behind, bringing along a pleasant wisp of honey and sugar fragrance. He smiled, wondering how he’d not seen his reflection on the glass. 

“The towel, Kino,” he said. “How many times –”

He was cut off mid-sentence as Kino whirled him around and kissed him. His lips were smooth and lush, and he tasted like summer – warm, happy and sweet. He kissed him back, entangling his fingers in his boyfriend’s long black hair. Kino slipped his hands under the flimsy cotton shirt Kyl was wearing; he traced his fingers along his shoulder blades and pulled him closer. 

Kyl heard a distant drumming in his ear, something that always happened whenever he made out with Kino. His body tensed and relaxed at the same time; it flushed with warmth, as sparks surged through his insides while he somehow melted into Kino. His back hit the window and the glass panes rattled in their frames. 

He involuntarily let out a moan as Kino ran his palm over his flat hard stomach and pushed the hem of the cotton shirt up. A sharp deliberate cough broke through the low humming in his ear and suddenly Kino sprang back from him.  

Coming back to sense, Kyl saw a peculiar shadow standing by the door. It looked like human, except that his shoulders were sharply hunched and something triangular spread out by his sides. At first his heart jumped, and then plummeted when he remembered. Pieces.

 Kino’s cousin stepped in. The bright fluorescent light from behind outlined his unusual form while the last rays of sun streaming in through the window cast shadows on his face. Kyl was still getting used to having him around the place. Pieces came closer and it was all he could do not to flinch. When the meek sun rays struck him, he seemed to shimmer – the pale skin turning a beautiful silver. His aquamarine eyes shinned brighter and the wings reflected light like glass. 

“I felt like I heard somebody at the door,” he said in that silky voice of his. “I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”     

Kino scratched the back of his neck. “I’ll go check.” He gave Kyl a sidelong glance and then walked out of the room. 

It was weird for Kyl to be alone in the room with this gorgeous angel. Yes, he thought Pisces was gorgeous. He just hadn’t admitted it to himself. Pisces looked equally nervous. He avoided looking at Kyl and his wings fluttered almost unwillingly at his sides. They were beautiful, the wings; they were white as snow, shiny, soft and feathery. 

It didn’t help that he was shirtless. His toned abs made Kyl’s fingertips tingle. He felt a strange urge to pull him closer and run his fingers down the flat of his stomach. His lips, Kyl noticed, were full and abundant. Electricity bolted through him all over again. He lifted his eyes to meet Pisces’ and surprisingly he saw a flicker of the same desire in the other boy's eyes. But he might have imagined it as the glint disappeared as soon as it'd appeared. 

He nearly jumped when Kino came back in the room looking confused. “There was no one,” he said. “Are you sure –”

“I must have heard things,” Pisces said. Then, without another word, he turned around and left. But before he turned around, Kyl caught a strange look on his face; it was sadness mixed with a mild amusement. 

Kyl’s stomach clenched. He lied. 

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