Sunday, December 20, 2015

Get Set Inspire!

When writers are asked from where they get inspirations, most of them say, “Everywhere.” That is SO true. Inspirations are everywhere and in everything.
For instance, as I write this, I see one of my roommates writing something in a book. She’s wearing glasses and has earphones plugged inside her ears. There is absolutely nothing extraordinary about this. But look for something beyond what meets your eyes.
What if somebody is hypnotizing her through the song she’s listening to? She might be unconsciously deciphering a long lost ancient text. But wait, how does a college sophomore know how to read ancient alphabets? What is she hiding? Who is she? What is her story?
Get creative.
Even though ideas are everywhere, I’ll show you some particularly amazing places to go looking for inspirations.

1. Incredible Pictures

Pictures are fascinating. They don’t need words to tell stories. They are stories in themselves. Often, writers turn to pictures and paintings for inspirations. Four people can look at the same painting, yet come up with different stories. How cool? 
When we are staring down at a blank page, completely out of ideas, a good picture can spark our imagination. And most of the time, that’s all we need.
With internet, it is not at all difficult to access countless beautiful pictures. Decide the genre you want to work on and search for some relevant pictures. Select the one you like best. Spend some time looking at it and wondering about.
Get writing.

2. Noticing people and eavesdropping

Every individual is different in their own ways. They present themselves differently. The way they talk, walk, laugh, smile and act differs. If you take the time to notice people and observe them, you might find your next big character near that car in front of the café.
Go to a crowded place, sit down somewhere and notice the people around you. Go to a busy café, sit down at a table, maybe order a cup of coffee, and observe. What is going on? Why is that guy by the window alone? Who is he waiting for? What’s making him fold the sleeves up his wrist? Is he nervous, or angry? Why?
Imagine on.
I agree that eavesdropping is a bad habit. It is none of our business what others are talking about. But sometimes it’s good to eavesdrop. Just stay quiet and listen. (Don’t make it obvious though.)What are they talking about? You might hear some words and lines that might interest you.
“There were ashes in it… throw… nasty…”
Perhaps they’re only taking about an ash tray. But let your imagination run wild.
Excuse me, but ashes? Who’s dead?
You get the idea. 

3. Timeless Music

It’s true that music saves. It saves the spirit, when everything else seems hopeless. You can always listen to a song and feel good about it. Some songs are extremely relatable. They speak for you what you couldn’t. It’s incredible how some songs are timeless. Even after half a century, you can still listen to them and fall in love with them.
Songs provoke loads of emotions. They make you feel good, happy, sad and sometimes they even make you wanna change the world. Some songs make you nostalgic. They magically and painfully take you back to certain times, places and people. That’s probably because you’d been listening to these particular songs then.
Sometimes it’s very difficult to survive certain phase of your life without music and earphones. If you have them, you can always at will tune out things you don’t wanna hear.
But did it ever occur to you that these very songs might be an amazing source for inspiration to write stories? Did you know that you can enjoy all those emotions I mentioned earlier by writing them down in the form of stories? Well, now you do. And believe me, I do that quite often, get inspirations from beautiful songs, songs I can relate to. 
Note the kind of sentiments you feel the next time a song makes you emotion-packed. Keep listening, and feel them. Multiply them. Think why this song makes you feel the way it does. Does it remind you of somebody? Who? Where are they now? What can they possibly be doing right now? Do you think they remember you the way you remember them? Why? What happened, or did not happen?
Does the song make you reflect on yourself? Why? Did you do something that you aren’t very proud of? Maybe that old painter under the willow did the same thing? What would he do, now that he regrets certain things?
Keep going and soon you’ll have a story staring right back at you.
“It's your beauty that betrays you
Your smile gives you away.
Cause you're made of strength and mercy
And my soul is yours to save
I know this much is true
When my world was dark and blue
I know the only one who rescued me was you.”
-Michael Bubble
Who is the singer talking about? Why would someone’s beauty betray themselves? What do their smiles mean? How can someone be made of both strength and mercy? Why was his world dark and blue? Who rescued him?
Go crazy thinking.

4. inside the cartoon box

This might sound silly, but I think cartoon shows are great places to get various ideas for short stories. Normally, an episode of a typical cartoon series is about twenty minutes long. They have almost all the elements of a short story.
The characters are the same ol’ buddies, but every episode comes out with new plot, conflict and resolution. Take the classic Tom and Jerry for example. Even though almost all the time Jerry comes out victorious, every episode presents new ways to make Jerry the victor. Don’t take those for granted. You might wanna get inspired by them.
I often get teased for still watching Ben Ten, Johnny Test, Scooby Doo Be Do and Horrid Henry, and for knowing their theme songs. But believe me when I say this, these cartoon shows are extremely inspirational. 

5. Idea book

Ideas don’t come with a ring of the doorbell. Sometimes I’m munching on a sandwich with a group of people when a brilliant idea strikes me, or maybe walking to class, drinking tea, listening to a lecture, making coffee, working out or even just staring at air. I’d be kidding myself if I thought that I’d remember it later. More often than not, I forget them. Also because I have a shitty short-term memory. That’s why it’s always good to be prepared.
I keep an idea book. It’s a tiny book (sometimes diy) which I carry with me almost everywhere. Whenever I come across an idea worth noting, I write it down in the book so I won’t forget. I don’t always use all the ideas, at least not instantly. Sometimes I’ll write something using a line I’d written a year ago. But still, it’s a great way to keep my ideas with me even though I might never use some of them.
The Notepad in my phone works too, especially when I’m jogging and don’t have a book and pen with me.

6. The Glass Jar

Another amazing way to get inspiration is The Glass Jar. It’s a simple jar (a pickle jar works just fine) which you fill with words written on pieces of rolled up paper. When you suffer from the writer’s block and really need a spark to fly, pick up six random words from the jar and write something using those words.  
I do that a lot and it’s an awesome way to get that creativity kick all writers want.

These are few ways you can get ideas and inspirations you need to write. I hope you try them and they prove useful.

Do you have any other idea? Let us know!

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Happy Writing!


  1. Good writ up... May be write on why happiness is a place in Bhutan and it is just a suggestion though... :D

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll try to write on it. :)
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  2. Wow, great tips Kezang. You are such an amazing writer! Hope to follow at least some of your tips and get the write-up going, :)

    1. Thank you, Sir. Please follow my blog for more. :)

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  4. Count me too. I’ll not forget to visit your updates. Nice one, keep it up

    1. Thank you so much, Karma!
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